• Length60mm
  • Weight4.5g
  • TypeSinking
  • Hook#10

The synergistic effect the “quiet” and the “movement” creates.

We have designed a slim low impact body with high density. The lure is equipped with a straight action while the fine tuned angle and size of the propeller creates a pulsating effect.

  • Casting performance
  • The 60mm slim body has been loaded with a total body weight of 4.5g. This heavy weight settings has provided it a casting ability unimaginable from its body size.
  • Action performance
  • Although the lure body has a straight action, the rotation of the propellers at the front and rear of the lure creates a wake and strong flashing effect attracting the target.
  • Slim body
  • The fish attracted to wake and flashing of the propeller will bite without hesitation with its realistic slim body.

Color variation