#38 Introducing Mr. Hajime Murata2012.09.04

We have promised you many exciting news and products for this year. We already had Realis Jerkbait, Beach Walker 95 Axcion developed with “Flounder Hunter” Mr. Hotta, a new concept of blade baits with Tide Vib Score, however now we have something even bigger to announce.


It is something which makes us all at DUO very excited and delighted as we can publish that our new Realis Crank will be developed with Mr. Hajime Murata, who is considered one of the world`s best anglers and whose casting technique is admired by anybody worldwide who has a chance to see him in action


Mr. Murata has been active on the Japanese fishing scene what seems like since its beginning, fishing since he was three years old and is considered a pioneer in developing lure fishing for both bass and trout in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. That is the reason why one of his nicknames is also “King”.


His professional career however did not begin to develop in the toddler stage and it was not until he was 15 years old that he started to consider career in fishing. He devoted himself to fishing entirely competition in tournament, helping out his father in the store as well as writing for a angling magazines. Being one of the pioneers one the scene, he quickly developed a strong reputation due to his passion and of course technique like nobody else.

Rather than talking about it, let`s have a look at some videos:

Now you understand what I`m talking about that his technique is inimitable.


Holder of several JGFA records and running three fishing programmes, Mr. Murata still enjoys wide popularity not only in Japan, but in wide Asia and it`s our pleasure that we will have an honor of developing a new lure with his help.

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